To be a dedicated local freight forwarder with the global presence and synergy.

Key to our success is performance. We do not let customers down.

Honour & maintain both, customer and supplier relationships.

Maintain our humility.

Treat every employee, across hierarchy, with equal importance.

Working together as one strong international team.

Customer Relationship

Our priority is customer relationship and their growth is our investment. We strive to render customer satisfaction its first place;

Our Growth Aspirations

We strive for further growth without setting out boundaries to innovate and move ahead with the changes and demands of the modern economy and markets;

Achieving Our Goals

We exhibit a very strong attitude to be the best in the market and in every aspect of our business activities;


We value our commitments and fulfill responsibilities for the delivery of establishment’s obligations;

The Social Standing of our Group and the Impact on Business

We are actively engaged in contributing to the local business membership organisations and other community based organisations locally and globally;

The Credentials of Integrity

Our success owes to the long term upholding history of our organisation’s culture of integrity and our specific approach to business activities based on existing and recommended clients;

Achievement Through Team Work

Our rate negotiation and trading activities are based on healthy and long term relationships while maintaining confidentiality and team work;

Our Staff and their Importance

We inspire, encourage and recognise our staff contributions to the business at all levels by way of providing them with the required resources and authority to act with accountability;

The Standards

Our quality of service is defined by the latest and internationally recognised Quality Management System available for global entities and government by our corporate policies and objectives;

Mr. H.S. Shrikant founded Inbrit Group
Started business of customs clearance with a humble 100 sq.ft. office.
Started developing FAK business
1st entry into shipping commodities
Handled break-bulk shipment to India for a well-known trading company.
Entered scrap market with Non-Ferrous
Volumes quadrupled to 120 containers/m
1st container of Ferrous loaded from UK
Started with small volumes of 20 containers/week.
First large volume of steel shipment
For a prominent scrap trader of UK.
1st acquisition: 50 years old transport company - Inbrit Transport & Distribution Ltd
Business of overnight palletised distribution.
Era of International Expansion
1st foreign venture in Hong Kong
Established Eagle Trans Hong Kong, now working from 3 offices.
Started India & Dubai Operations
Operational offices increased to 9.
Eagle Trans US operations commenced
Eagle Trans Poland & Germany started
Crossed 10,000 containers/m
500 MT of air cargo carried with one of the largest air carrier company.
Offices in South Africa opened
Eagle Trans Belgium started operations
Eagle Trans Canada operations started
Office in Australia opened
and we continue to write history...

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